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Distict/ State Departments can submit annual plan proposals online to State Planning Commission. Only online proposals will be discussed in Year 2014-15 plan.


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Planning Tools

DevInfo India

DevInfo is database of official statistics originating from various departments of governement and will provide important insight on various socio-economic concerns for the development of the state and its human capital. Users can drill down through levels of disaggregated data at state, district and sub-district levels, and extract information to present the statistical measures of the indicators in the form of maps, graphs and tables using the intuitive built-in wizard. It is built on DevInfo.


An animated dashboard giving a single view consolidated report on Census results has been developed using DevInfo database technology and is being presented here.CensusInfo is a major adaptation of DevInfo. DevInfo technology was adopted for the 2001 Census and used to present and display the provisional results in 2002. Later, another version of India’s Census Info 2.0 was released with final data and with more indicators included. Unicef is supporting Data dissemination of Census of India 2011 results which includes development of dissemination strategy and software support for dissemination of census data in user friendly manner to enable quicker and easy dissemination of census data to users and promote use of census data. DevInfo was selected against other data display software in part because it was free and endorsed by the UN.


It is a GIS based information system to track assets & worksite.


A Geoportal of ISRO Showcasing Indian Earth Observation Capabilities through online rendering of Multi-sensor, Multi-resolution and Multi-temporal IRS imagery overlaying value added thematic information on Earth Browser, providing satellite data and products for download and consume thematic datasets as OGC web services towards online Geoprocessing, whilst serving for societal good.